Custom Crates

Beginning with a complimentary design and consulting service, we suggest tailor-made wood packaging solutions to best suit your product. Once a design is agreed, our carpentry team will custom build your wooden crate. From compact and easy-to-handle containers to large crates our goal is to safely and securely protect your product, ensuring it arrives at its destination safely and in pristine condition.

Connaught Timber Products is certified under ISPM 15 International Shipping scheme to manufacture products using heat treated wood.

Connaught Timber - Custom Plywood Crates

Plywood Crates

Plywood crates framed with ISPM 15 heat-treated timber are generally used when exporting high-value products.

The plywood material allows the box to breathe, limiting exposure to moisture during transportation. Crates are produced to customers' specific requirements or Connaught Timber Products can offer a bespoke design service.

Connaught Timber - Full Timber Crates

Full Timber Crates

Produced to ISPM 15 can be designed in open or closed options.

Robust crates using heavy-duty timber are often used to transport mining samples, animal export or store potatoes and vegetables.

Connaught Timber - Heat Treated ISPM 15

Heat Treated ISPM 15

Connaught Timber Products is certified under the ISPM 15 international shipping scheme to manufacture products using heat-treated wood.

Connaught Timber is certified under the ISPM 15 international shipping scheme to manufacture products using heat-treated wood. Our own unique stamp is printed and visible on all heat-treated products ensuring full traceability.

Connaught Timber - Foam and Added Extras

Foam & Added Extras

Foam lined boxes, built in compartments, castors, etc are all possible. Whether you are shipping a delicate electronic device or a large industrial machine world-wide, Connaught Timber Products is your one-stop shop for high-quality wood containers and meticulous service. Optional extras available depending on specifications and requirements.

  • Plastic Lining
  • Foam Lining
  • Built-in ramps
  • Castors for ease of movement and reusable crates.
  • Hinges, latches and clips for reusable crates and ease of access.
  • Desiccant
  • Packaging labels - Tip n tell and Shockwatch.
  • Printing or Identification on the crate.
Barrier Foil Vacuum Packing

Barrier Foil Vacuum Packing

Machines and parts embarking on long journeys or going into storage need protection from moisture and corrosion. Vacuum packing using aluminium barrier foil can provide this protection. Connaught Timber offers vacuum packing as part of its onsite service. Custom made 3D bags are produced in our workshop and then the packed goods are sealed with all air removed by our onsite operatives.

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