Specialised Pallets, Heavy-duty pallets, light airline pallets, solid deck pallets, 2-way, 4-way, heat-treated or non-heat treated. All pallets are built to precise specifications and requirements.

Connaught Timber Specialised Pallet

Specialised pallet

Shock and cushion pallets produced to customer specification.

Connaught Timber Foam Cushioned Wood Pallet

Foam Cushioned Wood Pallet

Foam cushioned wood pallets, protects products and equipment from impact and vibration during transportation.

Connaught Timber Four-way entry pallet

Four-way entry pallet

Available in peripheral base and non-peripheral design. This is our most versatile and widely used pallet as it is easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces. The pallet has 4 points of entry and can be loaded into trucks and racking from the short side to utilised space. This pallet is non-reversible and can therefore be used with a hand pallet truck. Four-way pallets are also available with a full perimeter base. The most popular sizes pallets are 1200 x 1000mm and 1200 x 800mm but we can manufacture to any specification.

Connaught Timber Two-way entry pallets

Two-way entry pallet

Non-reversible pallets have only two entry points, front and back. All sizes available.

Connaught Timber Custom made heavy-duty pallet

Custom made heavy-duty pallet

Custom made heavy-duty pallet, fully reversible and constructed to withstand intended use.

Connaught Timber Solid deck pallet

Solid deck pallet

Solid deck pallets come in all sizes and are also available as non-reversible. All sizes available.

Connaught Timber Timber skids

Timber skids

Timber Skids are a cost-effective way of stacking and transporting large heavy objects such as concrete or steel products. We produce made to measure timber skids.

Connaught Timber Pallet collars

Pallet collars

1st Grade One Board Heat Treated Pallet Collars available in a variety of sizes. We also have used pallet collars - subject to availability. Matching Lids also available.

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