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Connaught Timber operates an authorised wood waste recovery and recycling facility in Tynagh, Co. Galway, having secured the first waste recycling permit issued by Mayo Co Co in 1998. The project was established in response to our customers problem with the disposal of damaged wood pallets and waste wood pallets.

Waste Wood & Pallet Recycling

Registered with REPAK, the Environment Protection Agency and permitted to collect waste wood and pallets in 20 local authority areas throughout Ireland, Connaught Timber offers a comprehensive service to our recycling customers.

90% of the waste wood is currently in the form of pallets.

Pallets are sorted and those past repair are sent to our recycling plant, the remaining pallets are repaired and sold as reconditioned pallets reducing costs for our customers.

Connaught Timber Waste Wood & Pallet Recycling

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